Child Support And Mortgage Payments

Publication 504 (2018), Divorced or Separated Individuals. – Child support. A payment that is specifically designated as child support or treated as specifically designated as child support under your divorce or separation instrument isn’t alimony. The amount of child support may vary over time. Child support payments aren’t deductible by the payer and aren’t taxable to the payee.

He has a credit score near 800 (or did so las time we tried for a loan), has never defaulted on his child support of nearly $2,000 a month, car payments, mortgage, and even paid alimony during some of that time. But when he went to apply for a mortgage, all he could qualify for was a $30,000 loan – nothing close to purchasing a home.

Rental Income and Child Support in Virginia – Livesay & Myers, PC – How to determine gross income for child support purposes in Virginia, commonly deducted include: mortgage payments, taxes, insurance,

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How To Pay Child Support Directly | Dads Divorce – For many child support cases, paying child support directly to your ex-wife is a bad idea, you should not do it, and it may not be allowed under child support laws. However, that does not make it impossible to pay child support directly. Sometimes paying directly is even a good idea.

12 most expensive celebrity child support payments – No matter how rich and famous you are, raising a child is one of the most expensive endeavors you can choose to pursue. But the more rich and famous you are, the heftier your payments are bound to.

How to make your alimony payments tax-deductible – Payments that fail to meet all these requirements are treated as either part of the divorce property settlement or as child support – both of which are nondeductible for you and tax-free for your ex..

My ex-husband won't pay child support because he pays the. – My ex-husband won’t pay child support because he pays the mortgage on the house and most of the bills.. My husband pays the mortgage and most bills out of his own account and has told me that.

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Using Child Support to Qualify for a Mortgage – Verifying Child Support . One problem with using child support as a source of income is verifying it. Many couples have a verbal agreement amongst each other regarding child support. Unfortunately, this is not enough to be able to be used for qualification purposes for your mortgage.

Child Support in a Nutshell | Michigan Legal Help – In most cases, child support payments are automatically withheld from the payer's wages and MiSDU.